Applying for universities can be stressful for everyone. It becomes even more daunting when we start preparing for the IELTS test. Remember that the IELTS is quite unique in its format. It provides assessment in four different types of categories- listening, reading, writing and speaking. You need to exhibit sufficient skills in all of these categories to ace the test. So, our academic team have put together 8 tips to maximize your potential and score well in your examination.  

  1. Familiarize Yourself with The Test Format 

The most important thing about IELTS test is the format. Like we mentioned before, this assessment test follows a unique format. The four different segments of the exam have aspects that you need to be familiar with. The pattern is always the same but by understanding the tasks and questions, it will be easier for you to strategize and allocate your time according to your strengths and weaknesses.  

  1. Mock Tests 

The most important thing you need to remember about the IELTS is that with practice you can score very well in the test. You may begin slow but by steadily practicing, you will become more comfortable with the questions. Thus, you will be able to finish questions with more ease and speed.  

Make sure to take as many mock tests as possible. Allocate your time to each of the segments and get comfortable with the way you are required to answer the questions.  

  1. Put skills into practice 

Recognize your skills and work it into the test as much as you can. If you have a good vocabulary, make sure you polish it well for the test. Reading editorials, short stories and listening to television news can go a long way when you are writing this exam. If you are a good conversationalist, make sure to improve upon it by speaking clearly and with clarity. 

  1. Polish your weak points 

Having a mentor to look through your work and check your progress could go a long way. Once your mentor gives you suggestions to improve, always make sure to rewrite the answers following the corrections and comments they gave you. Learn from your mistakes and take note of them. Then go over them until you are familiar with the right version

  1. Practice reading and writing in English 

Build your vocabulary! Content and context are important when it comes to the IELTS written test. Make sure you use the right words and for that you need to improve your vocabulary. Read extensively and expose yourself to new words and phrases. Pay attention to the way a specific paragraph is written – the style and coherence of the information that is expressed in a written paragraph is important to make note of.  

You may think listening is easy but it is actually one of the easiest segments you could lose your marks on! Team up with a friend and read to each other. Familiarize yourself to different accents and make sure to pay attention to the information that is being said by the narrator.  

  1. Have everyday conversations 

When preparing for the speaking segment, the easiest way to improve your conversational skills is by quite simply having a normal conversation with your friends, colleagues and family. Look in the mirror and practice answering questions. Learn how to coherently build your answers and express that clearly and with clarity. 

  1. Take a preparation class 

While preparing at home is perfectly fine when taking the IELTS test, if you do have the opportunity to take a preparation class, go for it! Having a mentor to keep tabs on your progress can help you recognize your weaknesses and strength. This could save you a lot of time and helps you improve a lot faster and better. Most IELTS test preparation classes have teachers that are trained and skilled in the examination and its content. They can give you valuable and little-known information which could benefit you in a lot of ways.  

  1. Practice makes perfect! 

Our final tip for you is to just simply practice. Keep taking mock tests, keep improving yourself and never stop building your vocabulary. Consistency is key to success and that in itself is the best preparation you can have! 

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