Much like the IELTS, the PTE test is also one of the most demanded tests in universities all around the world. Most universities use it as an alternative to IELTS. Before you choose the test, you are taking, make sure you contact your university about their preference for the English language test.  

What is PTE?

The Pearson Test of English language is an entirely computer-based exam that is designed to assess your academic skills. If you are from a non-English speaking country, you will be required to attend this test. Unlike the IELTS or TOEFL, PTE is much easier to score. In fact, it is the easiest of the language tests. You would also be able to get the results within five working days in most cases which is obviously convenient! 

Test Format

Like the IELTS and TOEFL, the PTE-A test also examines your skills in speaking, reading, writing and listening. These sections will require you to write an essay, describe an image, summarise a given passage or text, find the right or wrong answers etc. Since one of these skills is a mixture of two skills, a task from one section will contribute to the marks of the other section, for example, you could hear and write when both of your listening and writing skills are good.  

Speaking and Writing

The speaking sections of the test is designed to evaluate your speaking and writing skills. It takes approximately 77-93 minutes to finish this section. You will have a series of task types like introducing yourself personally, reading a passage out loud, describing an image, answering short questions, summarising written texts, writing essays and repeating sentences. 


The reading section of the test contains five types of tasks which you will have to complete in 32-41 minutes. This section will evaluate your reading and writing skills. In this section, you will have questions like fill in the blanks, multiple choice, multiple answers section and re-ordering paragraphs.  


The listening section of the test is designed to assess both your listening and writing skills.  You will have 8 types of tasks which you have to complete in 45-57 minutes to complete. You will be required to summarise spoken text, multiple choice section, highlighting correct summary, multiple choice/single answer, selecting missing words, highlighting incorrect words and write from dictation.


An automated scoring system is used to score the PTE-A tests and all the sections are scored out of 90. The minimum score you can get is 10. You are assessed on the basis of the correctness of answers, quality of response, spelling, punctuation and other formal aspects like word limit. 

By now, you might have got an idea about the PTE-A test. Now all you have to do is properly plan a preparation guide, take as many practice tests as you can and score as many marks as you can. Remember it is as easy to score as it is to lose points.  

Happy Studying! 

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