When applying to study abroad for your higher education, one of the most demanded and popular exams you have to attend is the IELTS. Students around the world take the test to secure a place in universities all around the world. But what exactly is IELTS and why do you need it? Keep reading to get a clear overview of what the exam comprises of. 

What is IELTS? 

The International English Language Testing System or most commonly known as the IELTS is an exam designed to assess your English language skills. Whether you want to work, study or migrate to a country where English is the native language (which includes countries such as New Zealand, USA, UK, Canada and Australia), an IELTS exam is often asked to assess your abilities as a speaker, writer and reader and is graded on a scale of 1-9. The exam is globally recognized by more than 11,000 universities, schools, immigration bodies, employers which includes 3400 institutions in USA. 

The IELTS exam covers four major sections to assess your ability in English- Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. The test is developed by language specialists from all around the world. The score you are required to obtain depends on the country, university and the course you are applying to. If you score much higher than asked, it will reflect your understanding of the language.

Why do you need to write the IELTS exam?

When applying to study, work or live in English speaking countries, it is essential to demonstrate a high level of English language ability. It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that English is a global language and is the third most spoken language in the world with a whopping 379 million speakers worldwide. There are a lot of benefits in speaking the native language of the country you are moving to which includes being able to comfortably integrate yourself into the community. 

How to prepare for the IELTS test

Preparing for the IELTS test depends on the type of exam you are taking – paper based or computer based. When practicing for your paper-based tests, ensure you are covering all your skills including handwriting which becomes an important component in your paper-based test as opposed to computer delivered tests. There are numerous online courses and practice tests that will help you in obtaining a good score. So, make sure to get proper training before you write the exam. 

Recent updates in IELTS test

You can also take the IELTS test online from 2022, which is a new initiative brought forward after the crippling pandemic that made it hard for thousands of students to attend the exam in examination centers. The new online proctoring platform would help millions of students to take their test from the comfort of their own home. 

If you are planning to study abroad, make sure to check the required IELTS score that is needed to apply for your chosen organization here. If you any further questions on the IELTS exam or about studying abroad, feel free to contact us here.

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