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You have a chance to be part of a cool community uniting entrepreneurial students who want to gain experience, help people and earn whilst doing all of that. Join Dfavo scout community!

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How it Works

You can become Dfavo scout and be part of our community. Here are the steps on how you can do that.


Join as
Dfavo scout

Once you sign up, you will be contacted by your local team leader and given all the information and training.


Start helping, your friends

Use your entrepreneurial skills on campus to run campaigns and spread the word about Dfavo scout program.

3 *T&C Apply

Earn back
your tuition fee

Fund your education by earning 300 USD* for every student you help to apply with us.


Build and be part of
an community

Make friends and create a wonderful international community whilst doing that.

Benefits of being a Dfavo scout

As a Dfavo scout you will be able to apply your entrepreneurial skills to fund your education by helping others. It’s great work experience and you will have a certificate to add to your CV.

Earn Tuition Fee

You have a chance to earn up to the sum of your tuition fee – making possible to get your education for free.


Experience Certificate for your CV. 


Be part of Dfavo entrepreneurial community. 

We are trusted by thousands of scouts

Get to know our current scouts and hear from themselves what they have to say about the project!

Aryan (St. Lawrence College, Ontario)

Course - Computer system Technician

The Dfavo scout program has not only supporting me to get my education free but it is also helping me with several opportunities. I grew more confident

in speaking to strangers especially after becoming a  buddy to potential study abroad aspirants. Not to mention the Dfavo team and study advisors are always available to us anytime we need assistance. Thus, I’m proud to be a Dfavo scout and I hope you would join this family and make your experience memorable!

Dilpreet Kaur (St Michel College, Montréal)

Course- Early Childhood Education

Dfavo scout program helped me develop lots of skills which I’m sure I will use in my future career. It’s also great that you can fit the work in around your 

college schedule and make use of hours off in college  to earn your tution fee back! The work was always good fun because you support other people. I meet lots of great people while working in the role, both staff, students and the public too which I would have never met, had I not been a Dfavo scout. For me, working as a Dfavo scout is all about the people. I would encourage anyone that likes meeting new people, is friendly and helpful to apply for a role as Dfavo scout.

Sukhdeep Singh (Canadian College, Vancouver (BC))

Course - International Business Management

Dfavo has given me great opportunities to get my education free and build my confidence and gain soft skills, such as leadership and communication skills. 

I am humbled to be given opportunities to help  prospective students as their buddy in finding best study for them. This gives me the avenue to interact and share my student life experiences. The team is always friendly and helpful, including the Advisors. I learnt many new things and made friends with fascinating people from different countries and cultures. I am and will always be grateful and proud to be a part of the Dfavo family. Join me and many others in this amazing Dfavo Scout community. Scouts Today, Leaders Tomorrow!