There has been a myth going around for a long time now, and this myth has made a lot of people believe they cannot study abroad because of the high tuition fees charged by universities. Students often abandon their dream of studying abroad because they assume they cannot afford the fees that international students have to pay. Students and their parents associate studying abroad with being too expensive, believing that all reputable universities are prohibitively expensive. To dispel this misconception and dispel the myth that has prevented many students from achieving success abroad, we have compiled a list of the Top 7 affordable universities in the UK.

  1. Staffordshire University

Staffordshire University is a public research university in Staffordshire, England. It has one main campus based in the city of Stoke-on-Trent and four other campuses in Stafford, Lichfield, Shrewsbury, and London.

The university is widely known for its research programmes and its science departments, and it also has several programmes and departments that are considered to be in the top 10 in the UK. The university was ranked 68th in the UK by The Guardian, and it is considered to be one of the most affordable universities in the UK. The university is home to thousands of students and is believed to have high student satisfaction, employability, teaching quality, and more.

Annual tuition fees for entry into the academic year 2023-24:

CourseTuition Fees
Undergraduate (Nursing, Paramedic Science, Operating Department Practice, and Midwifery)£19,000*
Standard postgraduate taught courses£16,750*
Nursing & Healthcare taught postgraduate courses£19,000
Master of Business Administration (MBA)£16,750
Law LPC and LLM combined£16,750
Law LPC solely£14,000
Postgraduate Research

*per year of study

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  1. Leeds Beckett University

Leeds Beckett University (LBU) is a public university based in Leeds, England. Considered one of the most affordable universities in the UK, LBU is popular worldwide for its quality education and low cost. The university has a high employability rate and has partnered with numerous companies and organisations to make sure that students get the best jobs after completing their studies. Ranked 102 in the UK by The Guardian, LBU is home to 20,000+ students, with international students coming from 100+ countries. LBU is widely admired for its courses related to social sciences and management, life sciences and medicine, engineering, and technology.

Annual Tuition Fees (Non-EU)

CourseAvg. Tuition Fees
Undergraduate/Bachelors (most courses)£14,000
Postgraduate/Masters (most courses)£15,000
Full-time (PhD, MRes, MPhil)£14,000
  1. Teesside University

Teesside University is a public university in Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, in North East England. When we talk about the cost-friendly universities in the UK, we can’t leave Teesside University off the list. It is a highly recognised university that has been attracting international students for years because of the quality of education it provides while charging low fees. Teesside University is ranked 80th in the UK by the Guardian, and it is the first and only modern university to be named the Times Higher Education University of the Year. Its top courses are Social sciences and management, Business and management, engineering and technology, and natural sciences.

CourseAvg. Tuition Fees
Undergraduate     £14,500*
Standard postgraduate taught courses £15,000 
Master of Business Administration (MBA) £15,500
Law LPC and LLM combined£12,300
 Postgraduate Research  £13,000*

*per year of study

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  1. University of Cumbria

The University of Cumbria is a public university in Cumbria, with its headquarters in Carlisle and other campuses in Lancaster, Ambleside, Barrow, Workington, and London. With 10,000+ students spread across its six campuses, the University of Cumbria attracts numerous international students because of its research programmes and the variety of courses it offers. The University of Cumbria was formed by bringing together different pre-existing institutions, and because of that, Cumbria has varied specialist faculties, ranging from Business, Industry, and Leadership to  Natural Resources, and Outdoor Studies. The University of Cumbria is one of the best options for students who are looking for quality education at an affordable cost.

CourseTuition Fees
Bachelor’s degree (BA, BSc, LLB)£13,250
Bachelor’s degree in Health pre-registration programmes£16,000
Bachelor’s degree – accelerated 2-year degrees£15,835
Masters degree (MA/MSc)£13,250*
  1. Coventry University

Going ahead with our list of affordable universities, we are talking about Coventry University. Ranked 38th in the UK by the Guardian, Coventry University is a public research university in Coventry, England. It has two campuses: one in Coventry and another one in London. In the 2015 Times and Sunday Times University Guide, Coventry University received the title of “Modern University of the Year.” Despite being one of the cheapest universities in the UK, Coventry University offers a variety of scholarships to its students. The university provides many undergraduate and graduate degrees, ranging from engineering to finance. The university also has its own research facility, demonstrating its dedication to applied research.

CourseAvg. Tuition Fees
Undergraduate Degree£15,000

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  1. University of Chester

The University of Chester is a public university with its main campus in Chester, England. Ranked 81 in the UK by the Guardian, the University of Chester is home to around 15,000 students and has multiple campuses in the UK. The University of Chester is known for its low tuition fees, but one other aspect that attracts students is its high employability rate.

CourseTuition Fee (per year)
International Foundation Programme£9,750 
Bachelor’s degree including Foundation Year£9,750 Year 1 – / £13,450 Years 2 – 4
MSc Nursing£14,250 (x2 years)
MSc Wildlife Conservation£17,250
MSc Marine and Coastal Resource Management£17,250
MA Art Therapy£17,000 full course fee 
MA Social Work£17,000 full course fee
MSc Psychiatry£20,000 full course fee  
MBChB Graduate Entry Medicine£45,000 (x4 years)
  1. University of Bolton

The University of Bolton(which achieved university status in 2004) is a public university based in Bolton, Greater Manchester, England. Ranked 46th in the UK, the University of Bolton has over 11,000 students currently enrolled. The University of Bolton is widely known for being a cost-friendly university and for offering unique degrees such as Film and TV and Visual Effects for Film and TV. The University of Bolton also has a variety of vocational courses as well as more traditional academic courses.

CourseAvg. Tuition Fees
Undergraduate courses£12,950 (per annum)
BSc (Hons) Nursing £12,950
Postgraduate (excluding MBA)£12,950
MBA  £14,450

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