The way to understanding a country’s soul is through its cuisine. The UK is no exception to this. Along with its culture and history, UK poses a varied variety of traditional food items that you must try at least once in your life time. Here is a list of the top 5 items you have to have while you are here. 

A Full Breakfast 

The traditional full English breakfast is not only a treat for your stomach but also for your eyes. Also known as a ‘fry-up’, a full breakfast includes eggs, bacon, sausages, beans, toast, tomatoes, and the occasional black pudding (which is not what you think. These are also called blood sausages). Often consumed on the weakened, this beautiful breakfast is famous all over the country including Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. There is a regional variation called the ‘Full Scottish’ which is served with ‘tattie scones. 

Roast Dinner 

This is one of the most famous traditional foods of Britain and you have to try it atleast once in your lifetime. The humble roast dinner is an important part of British life and it captures the essence of what it means to be a Brit in all its senses.  

Eton Mess 

Meringue, berries and cream – that is what you are looking forward to when you try this amazingly tasty dish. The is a go-to cuisine on a beautiful summer’s day. It was first served at Eton college during a cricket match during the 19th century and is now one of the most popular desserts in the country. 

Steak and Kidney Pie 

Yep! Pies in Britain come in different tastes – both covered in pastry and in potatoes! It is a must-have when you are in England so don’t forget to put it on your bucket list! It is best to head for the north of England or even Manchester for the best homemade pies.  

Beef Wellington 

No. This is not related to the Duke of Wellington! This beautiful cuisine is steak coated in pate and rolled in pastry. It is based around the French dish filet de bœuf en croûte (fillet of beef in pastry) and tastes exactly like it sounds. It is served everywhere from pubs to restaurants all around the country!

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