The gorgeous little coves, beautiful hamlets, and vast history is enough to draw you to England. If you are in England, you have to check out the places that we are going to list for you. This doesn’t cover everything about the beauty of England, but the ones listed below are the glaringly obvious places you have to visit.

Lake District

The newly protected UNESCO site is right down one of the best places you have to visit in the UK. Lakes that ebb with tranquillity, beautiful mountains, and tiny villages you can explore. Each of these lakes and places will help you slide right down the stress mill. You can try paddleboarding or hike to the top of Harter Fell and do many more things. Get off your screen and spend a peaceful weekend here.


If you don’t visit Cambridge while you are here, don’t bother coming here. Take a few days to explore this small city. Head of King’s College and pop inside that incredible chapel. Try a Fitzbilliies for that much-heard-heart English breakfast and get those metabolisms running on your way down River Cam.


I’m sure you have learned about the beautiful Roman Spa settlement of Bath in your history class. You can learn more about the amazing backstory of this place and visit beautiful places within the city like taking a calming walk over to Sally Lunn’s.


If you are in Bristol, you must head off to the trail to see some of the best works of Bristol’s iconic artist, Banksy. The beautiful art spaces, restaurants, little boutique shops, and the amazing Clifton Suspension Bridge are some of the best in the UK.


You don’t need General Knowledge to know this place. Every single person who has used windows knows this most famous ancient site, Stonehenge. Resting on the west of London, this beautiful iconic mystery is a site to see. Even to this day, there are no conclusive theories as to why this was built, what exactly they represent, and how this was brought to the place it is now in.

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