If you are dreading the funding part of your university life, you are not alone. There are a lot of ways and opportunities for you to fund your program.

If you are clueless about where to start with finding a scholarship, don’t fret because you are in the right place. Here is what you should know about getting a scholarship.  

What is a scholarship?

If you are one of the many students who are looking for financial aid, scholarships are one of the best chances you have got. Every scholarship is different and each of them has a series of criteria that you are required to meet to be eligible for one.  

Universities and other third parties have the liberty to design their criteria for the qualification of students.

The best part about winning one? You don’t need to pay back anything!

How to win a scholarship?

It is important to research the kinds of scholarships available for the subject you are pursuing. Some scholarships may be broader, while others cater to specific subjects. Once you shortlist the scholarship of your liking, you will need to go directly to their website or through an affiliated site and apply through them.

Remember that every scholarship is different, which means each of these scholarships has a different set of rules and requirements. So make sure you read the requirements thoroughly before starting your application.

What are the different types of scholarships that I can apply for? 

There are different types of scholarships that are based on the different needs and abilities of the recipients. Some of the most common types of scholarships are:

Musical Scholarships: If your ability lies in playing an instrument or singing, and loves to perform in front of people, then this would be the best way for you to win a scholarship. You are not required to pursue music to be eligible for this kind of award.

Personal Circumstances: These kinds of scholarships are based on the place you come from, for example, if you are a care leaver, your personal background, or your religion. They are mostly awarded by your local organizations or charities.

Academic Excellence: Most of the well-known and highly demanded scholarships are based on academic excellence. Remember, it is not just your academic excellence that is being taken into consideration, but also your extracurricular activities.

Financial need: This is one of the most common scholarships in the world. Often called grants or bursaries, scholarships based on financial needs may require you to submit your financial documents to be eligible for one.

Sporting achievement: This is a go-to scholarship for sports players everywhere. If you made outstanding achievements in this area, universities will fund you to attract more talent.  

What are my chances of getting a scholarship? 

While there are hundreds of scholarships out there, not everyone is lucky enough to win one. If you are eligible for a scholarship, it is worth applying and the rest is mostly out of your control. But keep in mind that the organizations that are offering these awards are not always flooded with applications, so the odds are you may win one!

When should I apply? 

The application deadline varies from scholarship to scholarship. You need to do a lot of research and keep a tab on the ones you are applying to. Make sure you prepare and apply for these awards at least 3 – 4 months before applying to university.

If you have any questions about scholarships, bursaries, grants, or awards, feel free to contact us here!

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