How many times have you watched Hollywood films and thought, “Wonder what that tastes like!” Although the US has a diverse culinary culture, there are some heartthrob food items that remain close to Americans. If you are a foodie and want to know what it’s like to be an American, go ahead and read on! We have listed the top 5 food items that you have to have when you are here.  

Clam Chowder 

If you don’t try the New England clam chowder from Boston, don’t even bother going to the US. This amazing fragrant soup is sold everywhere. It may not look like much but it will make you fall in love with it without a beat. It includes quahog shellfish, tender potatoes, salted pork, herbs and heavy cream.  

The Hamburger 

If only I had a dollar for every time, I have heard an American say ‘Hamburger’ on TV! It’s a classic American snack and is so famous that it is available all around the world. But if you want to taste the traditional hamburger, we suggest In-n-out Burger, Spotted Pig in New York or the New Haven in Connecticut.   

Texas Barbecue 

If you have watched Young Sheldon, you will know why it is essential to try the Texas Barbecue. A Texan lives and dies for this amazing item. The tenderising rubs and smokes mesquite meats are common obsessions. The pastime called tailgating originated with the practice of bringing entire ranges to parking lots that are worth five to ten thousand dollars.  

Apple Pie 

A national institution, this amazing traditional dessert will help you forget all your worries and problems. Forget the pecan or key lime, they are nothing compared to the traditional American apple pie. It is a combination of butter pastry, sugar and tart sliced apples. Pay homage to the wonderful chefs who dedicated their entire lives to perfecting this dish by trying this cuisine.  


Technically, “thanksgiving” isn’t a food. It is in fact a legendary day in the American culinary calendar. You’d think it’s a holiday for friends and family, but the truth is it is all about the food. The turkey, cranberry sauce, green bean casseroles, pumpkin pie and the traditional belly ache is one to experience. It is by far one of the best ridiculous and enjoyable feasts ever created. The heart burn is real but it’s definitely worth it! 

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