50 states, countless activities, beautiful sceneries, and numerous landmarks – between all these wonderful things The United States of America presents to you, it will be hard to pick one. No matter where you are in the US, we are suggesting these 5 places that you must visit. Grab a backpack and visit these places right now!

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

It is one of the most breathtakingly beautiful and one of the most attractive places in the US. It spans almost 3500 square miles with steep canyons, beautiful mountains, amazing waterfalls, and fascinating geysers. You will run into elks, grizzly bears, buffaloes, and other fascinating wildlife. It is also home to the third-largest spring – the rainbow sheened Grand Prismatic Spring.

Crater Lake, Oregon

Within Mount Mazama rests the beautiful arresting waters called Crater Lake. This incredible caldera was formed due to an explosion that took place more than 7 millennia ago. Its pristine white cliffs, scuba diving, clear deep waters are simply something you shouldn’t miss!

Niagara Falls, New York

And of course, Niagara Falls! This beautiful attraction needs no introduction. It is right on the border of the USA and Canada and attracts more than 30 million visitors every year. There is no reaction but absolute awe to watch six million cubic feet of water falling gracefully down every minute of every day.

Death Valley National Park, California

Contrary to its name, Death Valley is one of the beautiful places to watch the sunset and teems with life. It is located below sea level and is easily one of the hottest and driest places in the US. Don’t forget to get to Zabriskie point which will give you the optimal viewing location and watch that beautiful sunset you should not miss out!

Antelope Canyon, Arizona

Surreal – that’s the word to choose to describe the Antelope Canyon in Arizona. It may look like you need to hike but you are not required. Located in Navajo territory, many consider Antelope Canyon to be one of the most beautiful and majestic canyons in all of America.

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