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*Dfavo Scholarship amounts may vary by institution and program.

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A unique 360-degree centralized platform and team of experts that supports you to apply in a fast and effieicnt way.

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Simple and easy to use, our cloud-based platform is accessible for anyone in the world.


While we are technology solution, we are a people-orinetated business who are here to help you at every stage of the process.

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Answers to frequently asked questions

At Dfavo we keep the student at the heart of the process. We offer the maximum choice of courses and insitutions that are right and attainable for you. We believe that transparent information about your application empowers students to take control of decisions and ultimately succeed.

Universities offer payment for support of students when applying. This commission payment is only eligible for the channel partners or counsellors who helped you with the decision-making, visa support and administration through this portal. Alternatively students can access the Dfavo scholarship programme.

Dfavo is a unique digital solution without compromising human element of student recruitment – for example you have 24/7 access to team of experienced counselors, visa experts via our online channels.

This varies on your individual needs and the selction criteria of your chosen instiution. We have a well defined set of timelines & routines for each stage of student recruitment and we are all committed to achieving the fastest response times possible for your application.

Our portal is intelligently designed to enable our students and recruitment partners to focus on the core tasks for a successful application. Our team of compliance managers can check and support your application to prevent mistakes or unnecessary delays. Intuitive and efficient we believe you will enjoy the control element of this platform service. is now Dfavo