Is this your first time travelling to Canada as an international student? Are you confused about what to pack without missing any items and without exceeding your weight limit? Don’t worry! We have prepared the perfect guide for you to follow. Now grab your suitcases and read on! 

Canada’s varying climatic conditions may render you confused when you are packing. But to be honest, it is mostly cold especially if you are coming from a relatively warm country. Read on to prepare for your trip to the north!


The first thing to keep in mind is the luggage and weight limit for your entire luggage. These suitcases should carry your clothes, your toiletries and other minor things. You can also carry a carry-on with you when you get on the plane. This carry-on should hold your most important items like your travel documents, your medications and a few essential hygiene products. Packing is also a good option to use while you are packing. You can use these to divide your clothing items according to the season. This way, you could organize your suitcase and condense all your items. 


The first thing you should pack is your clothes which goes into your suitcases. Canada has a varying climate. It goes through all four seasons and during the winter, the temperature ranges from 5℉ (-15℃) or even colder while during summer, it ranges from 70-86℉ (20-30℃). Make sure to check what the weather is like at your target destination and pack accordingly. But we have listed a few essential clothing items you definitely need when you are in Canada. 

Fleece Jacket: This is a necessity for all seasons. You can wear it anytime, anywhere. During the winter, you can wear it as a middle layer under your warm winter coat.  

Formal Suit: Never forget to carry formal attire on your student days abroad. If you are going for a job interview or even for graduation, you might need a suit.  

Other essential clothes: A couple of casual shirts and tops would go a long way when you are in a different city. You would be going out a lot, so make sure you pack them! Along with those, you would also need pants, activewear, socks for cold winter nights and footwear. You will be walking a lot when you are here, so make sure to bring shoes that are good for walking and hiking! 

Gadgets and Basic Travel Items 

Even if you forget your passport, none of you are going to forget your phones! But that is not the only thing you should carry when you are going away. Make sure you have your phone charger, your laptop and laptop charger, a memory card or pen drive and a travel adaptor. Keep these gadgets in your carry-on for easy access. In case you need to use your laptop while travelling, you can easily get it from your luggage. 

Toiletries Bag 

The toiletries bag is an essential packing item when going abroad. It should include a shampoo, body wash, toothbrush, toothpaste, face cream, make-up kit, deodorant, hair brush and razors/trimmers. The toiletries bag should also carry a first aid kit which includes a thermometer, bandages, sunburn care, motion sickness medication, anti-diarrheal medication and other items you think is necessary.  


The documents are the last thing you should pack but the most important ones. Without this, you’d rather not travel at all! You cannot afford to forget them. Organise them in a folder and keep them within your reach, which is basically in your carry-on luggage. 

Your most important documents include: 

  • Your valid and in-date passport  
  • Port of Entry (POE) Letter 
  • Driver’s license (if you have one) and International License (if you are thinking of renting a car) 
  • Money and Bank Cards 
  • Proof of finances 
  • Letter of Acceptance 
  • Letter of introduction 

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