We also asked a couple of questions from Gunjit herself

Q. How do you feel about this role?

“The role of an MD encompasses the length and breadth of an organization. I’m extremely honoured to be given this opportunity to add even more value at Dfavo and make a difference.

We are amidst a lot of growth and challenges that come along with it, which makes my role as MD even more enriching.

I’m quite excited to take on my added set of responsibilities and look forward to taking Dfavo to new heights of success and accomplishments with my talented team.”

Q. What is your vision as an MD for Dfavo?

“The long-term vision for us at Dfavo is to be a synonym for global education. That’s the brand we want to build for ourselves and are capable of.

With this goal in mind, we have many pitstops on this journey of ours. We are reorganizing our teams to utilize their strengths to the max to meet our dynamic business strategies, while we provide an opportunity to our colleagues to multi-skill themselves.

We are doing this, with the student(s) at the centre of all our planning.

Being in our second year of existence, we have already achieved many milestones, but we still need to strengthen our business model to make it more sustainable and fool-proof, which will ensure that we become a household name when it comes to studying abroad.”

Q. How do you see your role as MD different from your current role as CPO?

“Well, my role as CPO has helped me set up a foundation on which my colleagues would thrive and grow. Now, with my wider scope of that of an MD, I will be in a better position to relate to their ground-level realities, which will help us make better business decisions.

HR is critical for the smooth functioning of any company, and now with the business reins even closer to me than before, we’ll be able to take critical decisions much well in time or even ahead of time, while enabling the smooth and efficient running of our business engine.

I anyway continue to hold my role as CPO along with my additional responsibilities of being the MD.”

“Gunjeet has brought with her both professionalism and a positive attitude to the company. Her cultural understanding and her background in a multinational company are enabling her to bridge the gap between the Indian and Norwegian business practices and act as an advisor and “translator” between Chandigarh and Oslo. We look forward to continuing the Dfavo growth together.”

Pål Kvalheim, CEO

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