“Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.” 

– Winston Churchill 

To be educated and to have the opportunity to learn new things is a blessing in itself. While we aspire to be in a position where success comes knocking at the door, you might need an inspiration to push yourself forward. Before you press yourself forward, remember that every great personality started in your position – a student. So here is a list of famous alumni who graduated from Canadian universities. Sit back and enjoy the echoes of their history.   

Margaret Atwood 

University of Toronto 

If you love literature, then there is no need to introduce this person to you. She is a Canadian poet, novelist, literary critic, essayist, teacher and environmental activist. She graduated from Victoria College in the University of Toronto where she published poems and articles regularly in Acta Victoriana, the college literary journal. Since then, she has published over 18 books of poetry, 18 novels, 11 books of non-fiction, nine collections of short fiction, eight children’s books, and two graphic novels, and a number of small press editions of both poetry and fiction. She has won numerous awards and accolades and is most famously known for her novel The Handmaid’s Tale’. 

David Anaglate

Ryerson University

Another of Torronto’s notable alumni is David Anaglate. He was a former Ghanian ambassador to Togo and was also the former head of the Ghanaian Broadcasting Corporation (GBC). He graduated Ryerson University where he pursued Radio-Tv arts and also obtained a law degree at the University of Ghana. He was a notable journalist, lawyer and a politician in Ghana.  

Justin Trudeau 

McGill University 

He is the current president of Canada and has been serving in that position since 2015. He graduated in the bachelor of arts from McGill university and remains an inspiration to many. He most notable achievements include legalising recreational marijuana through the Cannabis Act and announced an assault weapon ban in response to the 2020 Nova Scotia attacks.  

John Bell 

University of Alberta 

A graduate of University of Alberta and the Magdalen College of Oxford, John Bell is a Canadian immunologist and geneticist. He has held the Regius Chair of Medicine at the University of Oxford since 2002 and was also the Chairman of the Office for Strategic Coordination of Health Research (OSCHR).  

Noor Hassanali 

University of Toronto 

He served as the second president of Trinidad and Tobago (1987-1997) and studied law at the university of Toronto. Prior to his political career, he served as a teacher, lawyer and a magistrate and is one of the most notable personality of Trinidad and Tibago.  

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