What’s that on your checklist? Lakes? Mountains? Don’t kid yourself. The real reason you are here in the icy nation of Canada is to try the amazing food you have heard so much about. And no, poutine is not the only heartthrob of Canada. We have listed our favourite Canadian food items for you to try this year. Clear your schedule, because you are in for a treat! 


When you think about Canadian food, the first thing that comes to mind is poutine. This glorious Canadian cuisine includes crispy fries, rich gravy and squeaky cheese curds. It is so popular you will get it anywhere in the world. The classic version you get here is by far the best. With a little topping with pork, bacon or smoked meat, it will knock your shoes off! 


The key cuisine to a Canadian’s culture is the delicious and versatile Bannock. It is a simple bread that was once a staple diet of Canada’s Aboriginal people. Today you get modern versions of it which includes baked (which makes it heavy and dense) and fried versions (which are mostly crispy and fluffy on the inside). Don’t forget to try it! 

Montreal Style Bagels 

Ask any Canadian about these sweet and dense items and they will tell you what ayou are missing. They are baked in wood fire ovens and are topped with poppy or sesame seeds. Go for the amazing St. Viateur or the Fairmount Bagel or both! 

Saskatoon berry pie 

This amazing dessert is a legend in Canada. In fact, the city of Saskatoon was actually named after this wonderful cuisine. It has a sheer sweetness and an almond flavour which makes it so much better in the world of pies. Truly, it will change your life.  

Caesar Cocktail 

Last but not least is Canada’s national cocktail. It’s made of vodka, clamato juice, tabasco and Worcestershire sauce. Its traditional celery salt rim and celery stalk is a true companion to this amazing drink. This is definitely your best brunch companion.  

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