Many of you may be still worried about going abroad to pursue your studies because of financial issues. We will let you on a little secret – you can study in Europe for free!! Now that may seem a little far fetched to hear but you can do a masters in some of the most beautiful European countries for a fraction of fees to barely nothing. So, stop worrying about the five-figure budget and read on! Listed below are the top 5 coolest European countries to get your career going! 


Germany is currently attracting thousands of international students from all around the world due to its attractive programmes and great living conditions. Apart from universities in the state of Baden-Württemberg, most universities in the country offer free tuition fees. Nonetheless you may be required to pay a small administration fee of €50–€100 per semester depending upon the university you are studying in but this also covers a lot of amenities like public transport tickets. 


Northern lights, picturesque towns, free education – Norway is a complete package! It doesn’t matter where you are from, anyone is eligible to study for free in Norway. Some of the best universities like University of Oslo and the University of Bergen also offers other kinds of financial support. But mind you, living expenses in Norway is one of the biggest catches so make sure to look for other kinds of scholarships and grants. 


Home to some of the best ranked universities in Central Europe, Czech Republic welcomes international students from all around the world in over 20 towns. If you are willing to learn a new language, this could be your best opportunity for you to study with no cost. Most master’s degree taught in Czech are free and they also offer various scholarships. Their living cost is considerably low and they have rich and beautiful culture for you to explore. 


Finland’s stunning scenery is an added bonus if you decide to take up your higher education here. They offer free education for masters that are taught in Finnish or Swedish. So, while getting a quality free education, you will also have the opportunity to learn a new language. With its amazing healthcare system, education and its gorgeous scenery, Finland is known as one of the happiest places to live in. 


Iceland has one of the best English taught masters in Europe, making it the best destination to study for free. Other than a €550 registration fee every year, Iceland universities offer free education to international students from all around the world. The country also offers some unique research opportunities for those who are pursuing science subjects. While living expenses are high in Iceland, you can always get a part time job or apply for grants and scholarships that cover living expenses.  

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